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Now in its third year, NCS is a unique journey of personal discovery, through participation in a range of activities, that builds essential life confidence for 16 and 17 year olds and also benefits local communities. Taking part in NCS is also a sought after addition to any CV.

NCS 2013 is now open to more 16 and 17 year olds than ever before with thousands of spaces available this year and up to 90,000 opportunities to get involved in 2014.

The programme takes place over three weeks, plus 30 hours of social action, during the school holidays, including action-packed residential time away from home where participants are able to bond with teammates over activities such as hiking, canoeing and climbing. Participants are then shown ways of developing their personal and social skills and how to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others through social action projects. The NCS programme helps develop confidence, self-awareness and responsibility and almost nine out of ten (89%) people who have been involved in the NCS programme, have said that they have gained useful skills for work, study or training to help bolster their CV.

It All Starts At Yes – Say Yes to NCS and make a life changing decision now.


SB.TV – Jamal Edwards – Self Belief [S1.EP1]

In the first episode of our new SB.TV and NCS Self Belief series, SB.TV’s CEO Jamal Edwards talks about the secret of his success. Jamal discusses key moments in his life and the importance of self belief, acquiring new skills, building you confidence and network, and gaining experience on kickstarting your career. SB.TV have teamed up with NCS – a programme run across England for 16 and 17 year olds to spend 3 weeks over the holidays trying new activities, meeting loads of people, and getting involved their community.

SB.TV x NCS – ‘Amazing Things Happen When You Say Yes’

In Episode 2 Georgia LA talks to Rebecca about her experience with NCS.

Rita Ora | Self Belief [S1.EP2]

In the second episode of our new SB.TV and NCS Self Belief series, Roc Nation superstar Rita Ora talks about the secret ingredient to her success. Rita discusses the importance of self belief, acquiring new skills, building your confidence and utilising them in your career.

SB.TV x NCS – ‘Follow the Leader’ | [S1.EP2]

Could you be a leader of tomorrow? Check out Rebecca talking about her experiences at last year’s NCS programme and find out why YOU should go this year!

Krept & Konan | Self Belief [S1.EP3]: SBTV

In the third episode of our SB.TV and NCS Self Belief series, we talk to Krept & Konan to find out why #SelfBelief alone made them choose a career in music and explain why a positive mental attitude was vital to their success.

Wretch 32 | Self Belief [S1.EP4]: SBTV

In the fourth episode of our Self Belief x NCS series, no.1 artist; Wretch 32 tells us how the birth of his son gave him the determination and self belief to make his music heard by the nation.

Adam Deacon | Self Belief [S1.EP5]: SBTV

In our fifth episode of our SBTV and NCS ‘Self Belief’ series, Adam Deacon talks about the importance of having the simultaneous traits of self confidence and hard work.

Ed Sheeran | Self Belief [S1.EP6]: SBTV

In our final NCS x SBTV ‘Self Belief’episode of this series, Ed Sheeran makes it clear that on his rise to stardom he has had many knock backs but explains it is important to keep self belief and to continue to work hard as “no one else will do it for you”