SB.TV – The UK's leading online youth broadcaster.

SBTV is built on 3 core services which in their own stand as strong professional offerings.

SBTV started off as and will always continue to broadcast video whether for music, freestyle, acoustic, interviews or any other categories within youth culture. All of our content is hosted on our YouTube channel which boasts millions of views but continues to grow over time.

Our content is always SBTV produced so as to continue the trusted style of our shoots and unbiased opinions which we feel is important to our viewers.

SBTV also have a large social networking presence which we use to inform our audience of new blog articles, relevant news and the life of SBTV!

Starting from scratch all those years ago we naturally produce content and have grown and developed industry techniques to help compliment our production. SBTV are used to shooting in fast and agile situations making the best of all locations and opportunities. Alongside we also shoot, produce, direct and develop music videos, documentaries and event material.

With editorial experience from various printed urban publications, SBTV’s blog team work day to day to provide news on the latest releases, films, music videos, artists and more.