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Tulisa was Offered Money from Sex Tape


An email which was planned to be sent to Tulisa Contostavlos prior to the leakage of her sex tape threatened the singer to either keep quiet and get 50% of the profit made from its release or get “f*ck all”, according to her lawyer Jonathan Coad…

Tulisa’s lawyers claim that the email was sent by Internet businessman Jim Deans to suspected co-conspirators Marino Franchi and Dennis Jared.

Tulisa is suing each of the men for £100,000 for breach of privacy.

Though he didn’t receive an email, Simon Cowell’s close friend and aide Chris Herbert is also being sued by the former N-Dubz singer for his involvement, according to the Sun.

However according to businessman Deans, the allegations made against him are “very much in doubt”.



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