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Mr Archer – Shooting Guns

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You can download the .mp3 for ‘Shooting Guns’ free HERE

Words By Lorenzo Oneil



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8 Responses to “Mr Archer – Shooting Guns”

  1. MC Crookshot says:

    WTF is dis shi*t?! Put da mic down whitey. He really say, left behind like a flip-flop?!
    Looks professional, sounds amatuer! All i can say about this is – MARKETING!! Without it, it’d end up in the waste(man) bin like the rest of da ting i hear floating about. Sort it out SBTV!

  2. JDrako says:


  3. Phest says:

    Big up Tommy, smashing it bruv look forward to seeing more from you boi!

  4. Sho-Lou says:

    Looking Pretty fine ;)
    Love the video.. Love the lyrics an your passion! More pleeeeeaase!!!

  5. Emma b says:

    Well done guys really liked it and look forward to hearing more in future :D xx

  6. kate says:

    brilliant tune, well done

  7. T2 says:

    Smashing it bro can’t wait for your mixtape Tommy. Should be sick

  8. Tommy says:

    Love the first guy!! I will put the mic down…. and pic the megaphone up!
    Big up SBTV for providing a diverse platform! lets go…

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