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Method Man describes being in the studio with Dr Dre


Wu Tang swordsman, Method Man, opened up to MTV RapFixLive’s Sway Calloway, on working with the Good Doctor…

Meth said that he had been in the studio with Dre, and they had laid down a track, but that it had subsequently never materialised. The pair were in the studio together in 2002, but the track has never seen the light of day. The Wu Tang Clan rapper claimed he would definitely want to work with the legendary West Coast producer again, however:

“You gotta ask Dre,” he commented, when asked about the experience, “That night, I was in the studio with him, and Dre, he different. He like you to come in, be ready to go. That’s why I give a lot of credit to Xzibit, because Xzibit will go in there one take and he’s done. I got a little bit too blowed, and Dre was, ‘OK, I want you to rhyme here but then I want you to talk here but then come back into the rhyme in the middle.’ I was like, ‘Aight Dre, you got it.’ It was like five in the morning by that time. I just said, you know what? I’m going to lay this down and if he like it, he like it. And I guess not, because I ain’t never heard the song. And I ain’t heard from Dre since. But I’d definitely work with Dre.”

Words by Fiona Guest



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