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Is there more than one Tupac sex tape?


According to Naughty By Nature’s Treach, there is…

Few rappers can cause hysteria ten years after their death but if anyone can, Tupac can. Since rumours of his sex tape spread last week, it’s been THE gossip on lips around the globe.

It’s been said that the bidding war between two porn distributors had seen the price leap into the six figure arena, suggesting many people are keen to see the legendary rapper get busy with some groupies.

As one of those people, I took the opportunity to ask a close friend of Tupac’s if the rumours were true. Yesterday, in an interview with Naughty By Nature, I asked Treach if he was shocked to hear of the tapes existence, his response:

“Nah. [Laughs] There’s a few tapes out there. I hope don’t none of mines pop up.”

You heard it here first.


Words by Lily Mercer



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